Time may be running out. We all have busy schedues, out of these schedules one should be Quran. 

                                                                                                    Why Holy Quran?


                                        "The Best amongst you is (he) who learns and teaches the Holy Quran.” 

                                                       (SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOLUME 4, HADITH # 4739)




Diffrence between litterate & illitrate

Quran Clearly says About the difference between the person who is litterate and the one who is illiterate

("Say: Are those who know equal to those who know not?" It is only men of understanding who will remember") }Sûrat Az-Zumar - The Groups -verse9},

Similarly there is difference between the person who read and understands the Quran and one who doesnt not.

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Medical Research on Human Health

A Recent Research have shown that the majority of the people who regulary read or listen quran have less stress and good health, This study was designed to determine the effect of Quran listening without its musical tone (Tartil) on the mental health of personnel in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences, southeast of Iran.results suggest that Quran listening could be recommended by psychologists for improving mental health and achieving greater calm.


Similarly there are many online refrences and books about relation of Quran and human health.